Tweaking the Victron to work with a generator (The experiences of boater Mike Christian)

Sometimes you can can plug your generator into a Victron inverter/ charger and everything is rosy. Other times you need to tweak the software to let the Victron know what it’s dealing with. Below is a letter from  one of my customers who has done battle with the Victron Multiplus and emerged victorious. Many thanks to Mike Christian.

Hi Pete,
Good to hear from you again. I have been meaning to email you about the final way of resolving my woes with the ongoing battle between our genny and the Victron. After contemplating buying the remote control relay from you and believing that I had cracked the ‘clicking’ of the transfer relay in the unit, it began again!
I became despondent after selling my cheap generic Chinese generator to a fellow boater who was more than pleased with its output via his inverter/charger, then my posh Honda started its tricks once more, or should I say the Victron did.
Interrogating the charger once more with that brilliant software, I recapped all of the alterations I had made to the parameters etc., Prudently, I had created a file on the PC listing historic amendments from the previous occasions where I would tweak one or more of the settings relating to generator input, noting the response from the inverter/charger after each respective amendment. I thought that I had cracked the problem in ticking the check box Dynamic Current Limiter, which from memory accommodated various current fluctuations from the genny’s output. This worked for one day, then the clicking returned.
Reverting everything back to default settings, bar the battery type designation, I resigned myself to plodding on with the installation of our Fischer-Panda on board diesel genny and selling the Honda back on Ebay.
Out of curiosity, I checked back on the historic records to investigate if there was anything that I’d neglected to change and to my frustration, discovered that the one setting that I ignored was that of ‘Weak AC Input’. Why, I thought would I need to tick this check box when I have this Rolls Royce generator that surely would not have such an issue. Wrong! Once I altered this setting all was good in the world and has been ever since. I was convinced that if the Chinese genny didn’t require this option to energise the charger, then why should the real deal Honda need it.
Anyway, that solved the problem and if this long-winded account of ‘taking things for granted’ helps your customers resolve any of their genny problems, then my trials will have been worth the effort.